Firefly was launched in May 2011, made her debut at the superyacht cup in Palma de Mallorca 2011 and immediately took the spotlight.

Designed by Hoek Design, Firefly was constructed in the Netherlands to the highest quality standards available. Her hull was built by Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw and completed by Claasen Shipyards, most recently responsible for the build of the J-class Lionheart.

The combination of classic lines, modern design, advanced technical systems, high performance spars and rig and the use of unconventional bold materials give Firefly her unique quality and finish.

All sailing systems are hydraulic, with harken winches and Lewmar deck gear. Firefly is powered by Steyr Marine engines. The folding propeller is driven by a 6-cylinder 245 hp while the integrated flywheel generator is driven by a 4-cylinder steyr 106 hp, which generates 4kw for the hydraulic pump and charging batteries.

Firefly is rigged with a Hall Spars carbon mast and boom along with a carbon rudder, to maximize racing performance. 
For long distance racing, a water ballast system efficiently shifts 5 tons of water from one side to the other within two minutes to increase righting moment.

The draft of the keel can be changed to 4.60 meter if the racing waters require, design and construction drawings have already been completed.